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The Argyll Litter

10 Weeks  






Males - 

Females - 

Weight -  23 lb 14 oz    

Observations -

sweet, very people oriented, a racer, really liking his lines; we plan to keep Orange Boy     

Weight -  23 lb 2 oz    


Observations -

sensitive, responds to commands, a runner, always comes over to us to get petted / rubbed; good example of the disposition we like      


Weight -  24 lb 6 oz    

Observations -

'regal', calm, loves people, leader, very brindle in color; still the big boy; one of our favorites     


Weight -  23 lb 0 oz    

Observations -

Grey has become a wonderful people-puppy; a lot more mellow but don't pick on him, comes when called, sweetest face of all 

Weight - 21 lb 2 oz     

Observations -

her nickname is 'Bissel', good lines & proportion, independent; can play with others or occupy herself   

Weight - 21 lb 12 oz     

Observations -

a sweet chill girl, love her gait, head and her lines; a little 'flat' on the underline, but she may surprise us as she develops      

Weight - 20 lb 0 oz     

Observations -

'Green Bean', really loves people, comes when called, always by our side; loves to steal her siblings toys; turned into a fine young lady      

Weight -  21 lb 10 oz    

Observations -

sociable with dogs & people, easy going, not an 'instigator'; a little more independent than before; nice all-around puppy  


Weight -  20+ lbs   

Observations -

strong & solid, nice brindle coloring; excited that we'll get to see her as she's gone to live with Rachel Matthews ; looking forward to seeing her in the ring     


Weight - 19 lb 12 oz     

Observations -

still independent, but she always checks in with us for a belly & ear rub , nice topline and underline, darker, overall good looking puppy      

Note - We are really happy how all of our puppies have turned out.  By and large, they conform to the standard for the breed; they have good temperaments; and, they are just fun to be around.

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